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FireBlade Therapy, July 6

Honda CBR900RR FireBLade

Why aren't there more sports bikes in rehab centres? See the story here.

Pipe Cleaners, July 5

Bennetts motorcycle rust removal

Bennetts in the UK has produced a couple of useful guides for cleaning chrome and stainless steel exhausts.

For chrome: Let’s start with some pedantry. Though a bit of chrome might look rusty, chrome doesn’t actually rust. What you’re seeing is rust from steel beneath the chrome plating, where an imperfection or chip in the chrome has let water in...see the story here

For stainless steel: If you own a naked or adventure bike then you’ll have no doubt experienced the knuckle-skinning joy of trying to clean filthy exhausts, particularly the downpipes. And when you go to clean the downpipes, especially if you’ve ridden in winter, you’ll often find you can’t get them clean – your so-called stainless steel has stained...see the story here.

bennetts clean stainless steel exhausts

Steady value climb for Honda CB750-Four, July 5

Honda CB750-Four K0

USA insurance house Hagerty has recently published an article on the growing fortunes of the Honda CB750-Four in the classic market. Prime K0 models are established as being worth a solid US$40k (Au$60k), while later versions have seen their values climb in recent times. See the story here.

Top Fun - buy-fly-ride, July 4

Kawasaki GPz900R

Buying a legendary old sports bike, but there's a catch - it's 2300km away...see the story here.

Triumph Hinckley's first world-beater, July 3

Triumph Sprint ST 1050

Back in 2005, Triumph really struck motorcycling gold when it developed the 1050 Sprint into what was then the ultimate sports tourer. See the story here.

Stepping back in time, July 2

Honda CB750-Four

It took several decades to once again throw a leg over a Honda CB750-Four - was it worth the wait? See the story here.

pics by Ben Galli Photography


How much for the electric Harley? July 2

Harley-davidson livewire

Harley-Davidson has announced pricing for its Livewire electric motorcycle, to be launched locally from September 2020: Au$50,000 ride away.

On paper the machine is a significant step ahead of the electric alternatives so far offered in the local market, with a claimed 235km range in city cycle and more like 150 on the highway. The Motor Company says the Livewire has a 0-100km/h time of 3sec.

It runs Showa suspension and Brembo brakes and comes with a five-year warranty. H-D is offering fast charge stations at some dealerships, said to recharge the machine in an hour.

Will we see collectors showing an interest in these things? Almost certainly, but don't look for any financial gain in the foreseeable future.

Ride of the Valkyries, July 1

Honda Valkyrie 1500

Honda's flat six Valkyrie 1500 cruiser series of 1996-2003, essentially a stripped back sibling to a Goldwing, was the pick of the bunch in that market sector for the second half of the 1990s. Though now well and truly superseded, it remains a pretty decent ride.

See our profile and evaluation of the series right here.

We spotted this one (pictured below) for sale in Queensland - claiming to be a relatively rare low-miler priced at $10,500.

Honda Valkyrie 1500

Thought for the day, July 1

full throttle meme


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